Chickens feet are yellow!?

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  1. Josh and hen

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    Sep 4, 2014
    Marana, AZ
    The feet are the same color as the beak. I have a blondish whitish marran that is about 4 months old and the feet are yellow, this is the only marran I have so I don't know if it's just the breed but my other chickens have pinkish. [​IMG]
  2. Twistedfeather

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Is there corn in your birds diet?
  3. If your bird has yellow feet, it isn't a Marans. Note the spelling is always with an "s" on the end, even though it isn't pronounced, which is common with French.

    The Marans breed is relatively new in North America so, unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous sellers have sought to cash in and breed birds that look similar enough to "pass", for the money. Sad, but true.

    If you really want true Marans, you'd likely best be served buying them from a Marans breeder who is reputable, who exhibits their birds and probably a member in good standing of the Marans Club.

    All that said, your bird remains a chicken and hopefully, will be a good chicken for you. It doesn't know it isn't really a Marans.
  4. ShellyBear

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Its just the feet color he/she will grow in it.
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  5. Josh and hen

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    Sep 4, 2014
    Marana, AZ
    there is a little bit of corn in the diet

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