chickens fighting! plez HELP sos! SAVE MY LIFE!

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  1. theprimouomo

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    Jul 31, 2010
    so here is the story...mama was in broody so i had to move auntie outof the coop as all people say mama and chicks have to be alone so noone would kill them.... so i moved auntie to a smaller coop were she could see mama and chicks.Today chicks turn to 5 months old and i asked people isit save for auntie to move in they said yes ...well today my dad moved auntie to the bigger coop were mama and kids are there as soon auntie steps a step in coop mama goes fireing at auntie peking her and kick her ans slapingher withher wings so basicly they both are fighting and auntie is helpless...WHAT SHOULD I DO WILLTHEY FIGURE IT OUT I AM HEARTBROKEN OVER AUNTIE:hit:hit!

    can i get an answer asp

    thank you
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  2. ginger c.

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    Apr 20, 2011
    Is Auntie wounded? You may need to introduce her slowly back to mama.
    If they were together to begin with, they may need to re-establish the pecking order.
    You may need to separate them until someone wiser than me comes along with the perfect answer.

    GC's DH
  3. theprimouomo

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    Jul 31, 2010
    thats a great idea!
  4. Katydid2011

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    I would separate them immediately and, if possible, create a barrier that they can see through (chicken wire, hardware cloth, or some other kind of wire fencing would be good) and let them get reacquainted through that barrier before you put them together again physically. It really does help a lot! Then, once they're used to each other again, put Auntie back in with them after dark. That way when they wake up together and head for food and water they may forget that Auntie used to be on the other side of a barrier and just accept her. They will still have to establish a pecking order but it doesn't have to be a brutal process. I hope that helps.

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