chickens first days living outside


11 Years
Apr 9, 2008
fort bragg nc
howdy all, i'm very new at this. i've done much research on chickens and decided they were definately for me. so for a month now i have had 4 black sex links in my bathtub. they all survived and are super great. opting to sleep on my shoulders and cuddle into my neck awww. anyway, i went to the feed store for some more chick food the other day and of course....they had silkies! dang it, i told myself no more... but they were kept in such deplorable conditions. cold and most had pasty butt. so against my better judgement i took 2 home and decided they were going to be my indoor chickens. so i also purchased a large cage to keep them indoors when they get old enough to leave the bathtub and it's uber comfort. so i put my sex links in the cage i got initially for the silkies and put it in my bedroom. letting them runout and explore the house. of couse followed by mom and her paper towels to pick up the poopins, and have a good time indoors and out. so now they're spoiled rotten. anywho. tomorrow is the big day, the day the coop is erected along with the run. i was wondering if i should ease them into the coop or keep bringing them in at night just to make it easier for them until they dont feel so nervous. any ideas on what i should do? should i put them out cold turkey?..or chicken lol.

Cheep Mama

11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
If they were mine I would just go ahead and put them out! Cold turkey! Yes, my kids tell me i'm mean all the time. Just make sure they will be warm enough. They may need a heat lamp.

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