Chickens for sale in MD(21904)--CHEEP!!! *AHEM* I mean, CHEAP!!

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    Mar 12, 2008
    We have the following chickens for sale:

    *2 Cuckoo Marans Cockerals(just under a year)--have been raised together and they get along VERY well--$5/piece or $8 for both! They are not mean at all and free range all day here at our house and are great with our hens and our children! They are BEAUTIFUL birds, we just have too many roos!

    *1 black silkie cockeral--has a tiny bit of color around his neck. He has a nice crest and is bearded. I just have too many roos in my pens. He is from Glenn See and Jeff Oxley lines--$5

    *A pair of OEGB Red Pyle--1 1/2 years old. The hen just one first place at the Susquehanna show this past weekend. They lay about an egg a day to every other day and have proven fertilty--$15 for the pair--SOLD!!!

    We are in MD(21904--Port Deposit) and this is for pick up only!!! NPIP tested and all our birds come from a clean flock. PM me if you'd like to see pics or have any questions.
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