chickens for sale in okla


11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
nowata oklahoma
i have a splash standard cochin rooster.a plymoth rock bantam rooster an a bearded belgium quail d'anver rooster an lots of heavy breed started chickens for sale .i have silver laced windotes,buff orp.rir,sex links,barred rock americanas,these are all pure bred chickens,from pure eggs an hatchery.the 3 roosters i want $10 each an my young chickens start at $4.these are already on the ground runnin with my layers.i also have jumbo pekin ducklings an some crpekin mallard crosses.also have a few flying mallards left.pekins are $5 each an mallards are $7 not able to ship nowata okla thanks chuck email me at

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