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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I currently have quite a few rabbits for sale. All of these rabbits I would keep myself but sadly I just do not have enough room for all of them. I have Satins, Mini Satins, and a French Angora listed below.
    Bishop’s Rocky, Broken, Sr. Buck, $70
    Rocky is a herd sire that I have been using for the past few years now. He is about five and still making babies. He had and still does have good type and good qualities. He would make a good addition to anyone’s herd. Has produced several nice offspring one of which won Best In Show at the 2010 PaSRBA Convention.
    Bishop’s Bruno, Broken, Sr. Buck, $70
    Bruno is a very strong buck. He has good potential. He lacks a tad in upper hindquarter but has very strong other qualities. He is Bishop’s Rocky’s son. Has done well on the show table as a junior and intermediate I have not gotten the chance to show him as a senior.
    Bishop’s Alfalfa, Broken Jr. Buck, $65
    Alfalfa is a nice little buck. I showed him as a little little Jr. Doe and he did really well. Now he does even better as a buck. I like this little guy.
    Bishop’s Reflection, Otter, Jr. Buck, $45
    Reflection is just a baby. He comes out of my Best of Breed Otter Lines. His parents have done well on the table and I think he will too.
    Bishop’s Lights, Otter, Jr. Buck, $40
    Lights is Reflections brother. They are very similar except Lights is a blue otter and reflection is a black otter.
    ~Mini Satins~
    Bishop’s Blue Jean, Chinchilla, Sr. Buck, $90
    Blue Jean is the son of last year’s Best of Variety Chinchilla at the ARBA Convention. He has almost the exact same traits as his father, good body and good color. Great start of a Chinchilla program.
    Bishop’s Moments, Chinchilla, Sr. Buck, $65
    Moments is the brother to Blue Jean. He has the same qualities as him expect on a larger scale. He is a bigger buck and would do better if paired with a smaller doe.
    Bishop’s Tequila, Chinchilla, Sr. Doe, $75
    Tequila is a nice Chinchilla doe. She is a littermate to both Blue Jean and Moments. There were 9 kits in this litter and all survived. She is a little darker in surface color but would do well on the table.
    Bishop’s Izzy, White, Sr. Doe, $40
    Izzy is an older doe that has now mainly been used for breeding. She did well on the show table when she was in her prime. She won a Best In Show back in the day. She would make a nice addition to a herd.
    ~French Angora~
    Shaw’s Maurice, Colored, Sr. Buck, $45
    Maurice is a nice little French Angora. He is a tad soft in texture for a French. He is currently clipped down and he should come in with better texture than he had previously. He has won several Best of Breeds in our area.

    I have several birds for sale as well. The list below is the complete for sale list:
    Black Rosecomb Trio - $50
    White Silkie Pair - $30
    White Silkie Trio - $50
    Buff Silkie Hen (crooked toes) - $10
    2 Black Silkie Hens (one 6 toed foot) - $35
    Splash Rooster with 3 Blue Hens - $70
    Splash Rooster with 2 Blue Hens - $25
    Barred Standard Cochin Hen - $15
    Barred Bantam Cochin Hen - $10
    White Bantam Cochin Hen - $15
    Buff Bantam Cochin Hen - $10
    Red Bantam Cochin Hen - $10
    Birchen Bantam Cochin Hen - $10
    Sebright Hen - $15
    2 Sebastopol Ganders - $75 each

    I also have one little Guinea Pig for sale:
    Broken Color Jr. Boar - $15

    If you are interested in any animal please feel free to message me on BYC or Email me at [email protected]
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    May 24, 2011
    Welsh La
    could you post pics of the white silky pair? and how much would be shipping on them both?
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    Jun 15, 2011
    Easton Pennsylvania
    where are you located in pa? went to your website and didnt see a contact link.
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Elkton, MD
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the Sebright girl!

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