Chickens getting skinny???

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    May 25, 2011
    I had my chickens (20 weeks) on Flock Raiser. I went to the feed store to buy a bag of Layena but they were all out and gave me Nutrina Layer. My issue is they look like they are getting a little skinnier. I have a white rock (so i can definitely tell on her) and she was pretty big but not so much now. I know that a fat chicken doesn't mean a healthy chicken but...just makes me nervous. However, I have noticed that since I started using this feed their combs/wattles are all turning red and growing! They are all acting really healthy and happy. By the way...the only thing their laying right now are big plies of healthy looking poo [​IMG] .

    So I am really confused. Could the Flock Raiser have a higher fat content? Should I go back to the flock raiser? Is flock raiser sufficient for egg layers or is Layena better?

    Are they all turning anorexic lol?
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    If you still have the bag,it should have a tag on it with the numbers. Fat,crude protien and others just cross check it. I know flock raiser has more protien and less calcium than layer. The combs are getting redder probably because they are getting ready to lay,which could also be the reason that they are looking thinner. It takes alot of calories to make those little golden orbs. If you go back to flock raiser you have to offer them free choice oyster shell for the calcium.

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