Chickens going into the coop at night

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    Aug 22, 2010
    Hello, First I would like to say that this is my first post as I am very new to this. I have 6 chickens that I have raised since April. When I first moved them outside to their coop, they would wander in the yard all day (it is completely fenced in) and return to the coop in the evening. For the last few weeks, they all flock to the top of my deck stairs and would remain there all night if I don't move each one back to the coop . Any hints as to why this is happening or how I can encourage them to go back to the coop at night? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Mine free range during the day and if I need them to go in earlier then they think.....or for some of the stubborn ones....I throw some BOSS (Black Oiled Sunflower) in their run which is attached to the coop .........they all come running they love it!!!!
  3. Oh and where are my manners [​IMG] WELCOME!!!! There are lots of great people on here with chicks were hatched in April too!!
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    It's possible that something spooked them and they dont want to go back in the coop. I went out one night to close the door the my coop and the girls were on top of the coop sleeping. When I got close, an opossum came running out - for the next few nights, I had to put the girls in the coop by hand. Every once in a while, something like that will scare them and I have to put them in by hand.
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    Aug 22, 2010
    Thanks to all who answered. I tried bribing them back with special treats.... nothing... last night it was pouring rain and I mean pouring and they still wanted to go to the top of my deck stairs. I literally caarried each one down and put it in the coop... and no one wanted to stay!!I am hoping for better results tonight.
    Linda and the crowd
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    [​IMG] I think your going to need to make your porch unappealing to the birds. I'm guessing they see you as the leader and if thats where you go in that might be where they are supposed to go, they don't know that its actually safer in their coop. maybe a fake owl or something to keep them away from the porch.
    gl erica
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    Another possibility is that the shorter days are catching them off-guard and by the time they see it's 'bed-time' they can't see all that well i the coop.

    Often a small light in the coop is all the encouragement they need. How to get them to go to bed at night

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