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    Hey guys I hope y'all can help me. I started a small flock of 3 chickens earlier this year and want to increase it by 2 but I don't know the rules for it. In my HOA I can have them thanks to a loophole but I dont want to rely on that alone and want to know city laws. I cant find any info on the laws regarding owning chickens in Goodyear other than they arent allowed in corperate city limits am I within those limits?! Am I not? I am literally at the end of civilization with fields around the neighborhood !!!
    Any info or help would be much apreciated
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    Whether or not you're in city limits, you'd have to call the city/county yourself with your address/parcel information and figure out what your zoning and jurisdiction are. Never assume that just because your neighbor is in/out of the city or has a certain zoning that that applies to you. My county offers parcel maps online so you can see that info by entering your address, I imagine your city or county offers the same either online or by calling.
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