Chickens grew wings at 1 wk. old?


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Mar 19, 2009
East Texas! :)
Hi, my family and i are raising chickens for the first time

we bought them as tiny babies, a few days old.

The people at the store told us they were all pullets! Which is what we wanted, so...
My question is, do baby pullets grow wings/tail feathers at about a week old? We were wondering because we thought roo's grow their adult feathers first,

we bought 14 pullets and all of them started growing tail feathers and wings at a week old except for one of them! We thought that was strange because every one of them but the one (who is as big as all the rest) was not growing wings

Can you help me? I want to know if normally baby pullets grown wings at a young age and why isn't one growing wings yet?

Thanks- Sunni


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Apr 2, 2008
Southern Maine
Oh yes. That's completely normal. You probably can't know for sure of the gender until some weeks later, but it's perfectly normal for pullets and roos alike to feather out at one week, or even sooner.

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