Chickens have red faces, feel hotter and I think smell different - help I'm a newbie

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Hi guys,

    We're in the Uk, got 4 bantam chickens of different breads as pets about 3 weeks ago, they are now I think about 20-16wks old, give or take a couple of weeks.

    We have them in a coup and run, which they can fly out of and into our garden to scratch around, the run is big and we do all the normal stuff, they always have fresh water and pellets as well as salad type left overs They have seemed happy and nromal, bit keen on roosting in a tree at bedtime, but that's all the fun?

    Initially their faces were quite pale, skin colour, but in the last couple of days they have gone bright red, the skin under their wings is the same colour as before. It might be me but they seem hotter and maybe even smell a bit funny. One of them has today what looks like a scratch across his face, I have seen a cat around - maybe that's the scratch. They all seem ok, eating, clucking around...

    I read they might be maturing but with the hot feeling ad funny smell I was worried they had an illness...breathing seems normal.

    Many thanks,


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    Welcome to the forum ! The skin to red color of the face is probably due to them maturing. Not sure of them feeling hot...and they shouldn't really have a smell. Is the smell only around their face? Or another area.....
    If their is a cat in the area I would keep them penned up when not they may end up dinner for it. A scratch from a cat can be deadly to a bird as it can get infected. If you think the one got scratched by a cat...then I'd put some antibiotic in the water to make sure.
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