chickens have strange looking poo UPDATE - pics!!!


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My hens are having strange looking poo. They have red stringy stuff in their poo that looks like tiny earthworms. They are acting fine other than being slightly thinner than I would like so I am wondering if it is worms. I noticed tonite that one chick in my brooder is having the same poo but they dont look ill at all. Any one have any idea what this is?

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How old are they?

What are you feeding?

Could be worms, but it could also be bits of intestinal tract sloughed off as a result of coccidiosis. You can do a forum search on this very common topic, or even Google it if you like. If it is indeed coccidiosis, they are already well into it by the time you notice it in their droppings, but you may decide to treat in any case. Sooner rather than later is the key, and most folks in the US are currently using Amprolium (Corid) or Sulfa drugs to treat.

Let us know the chix age and feed, as it will help determine what may be going on.

Whatever it is, until you diagnose and treat it is probably a good idea to supply plenty of fresh water with electrolytes and/or probiotics, or even just yogurt if that's all you have available. Make sure everyone is properly hydrated and eating well.
need a pic...

When was the last time you wormed? This time of year many find it necessary to worm...
I will try to get a pic shortly. The older birds are 2 - 4 years old and eating laying mash from our local farm coop. They also eat from the feilds and yard and garden. I have been feeding them lots of apples from my parents apple tree that blew down in the storm last month.
The small chicks are one month old. They have been eating dumor starter from tsc. they are on wook chip bedding.
I have noticed alot of them are shaking their heads alot and one the other night acted like she was trying to swallow her feed but kept gaging.

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I forgot to mention i have never wormed my birds.
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here are the pictures of the poo (gross, sorry). I am worried now because it definintly looks like blood. I have sulmet in the garage, it is about a year old. Should I just go ahead and give it?



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I see the photos now, but they're still hard to tell... but if you treat, it's 2 Tbsp Sulmet/gallon of water for the first 5 days, then back down to 1 Tbsp/gallon for two more days. I've noticed that my older hens handle the Cocci much better than the chicks. Every once in a while I'll see signs of bloody poo in the layer flock, but it doesn't get a strong hold on them like it does with the chicks. So no worries unless you start seeing them act sick, but I would dose them just to be sure.
Go here and compare the poo.
If you are not sur the stringy stuff is poo or digested weird stuff try this:
Take a paper towel and touch the corner to the poo (doesn't even have to be the red part) and see if the absorbed fluid that soaks thru the towel is the color of blood or older blood. This is how we tested green gastric juices from wall suction units to see if the patient was having any GI bleeding.
thank you! I just now read the dosage on the bag:rolleyes:. That seems like a lot for 4 week old birds! They are cuddling together under the heat lamp this morning but it is cold and they tend to do this anyways.
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