Chickens havent laid yet!

Dawggy Stile

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Oct 7, 2010
Heres the story.
I have 4 hens I received from a cousin who is needing to thin his flock.
They were used to 5 acres to run around on with virtually no human interacting. Their now in a 4x8 area with a coop built above it and a 25' length of fence for added room to run around it.
All he could tell me is that their spring born, I estimate at least 35 weeks old. Ive had them for 4 weeks now, they seem content but are skittish. Also the coop has nest box's on the floor inside.
Will they settle in and finally start laying, or could they still be stressed from the move?
Not really sure what kind they are. One I'm sure is a RIR though.
Thanks for any comments!


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Mar 31, 2009
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Welcome to BYC!

I'm sure they will start laying pretty soon. Chickens don't like change, and this was a pretty big change for these particular chickens. Just be sure they're getting enough protein in their feed; that will help them start laying sooner than later.


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Jul 19, 2010
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So this spring I purchased 6 chicks from TSC and 4 turned into roo's so I re-homed them and one pullet I had...well she was a almost 25 week old black sex link and supposedly are suppose to be great layers...well guess what NO EGGS. So I re-homed her with my Brahma roo.

So I found a guy close by thinning his flock and purchased 3 hens from him 2 laying and one pullet. They lived on 5 acres and had a ton of room and moved to the city into a smaller coop and smaller run well they laid for 2 weeks and then BOOM nothing. Still no eggs for the past almost month then we moved again all the way to California and they went into molt. From what I've seen they are really easy to stress and I miss the eggs but I want them happy another tip for making them less skittish find treats they really like and just give them to them eventually they'll put you and treats together and it will = HAPPY CHICKENS.

I'm really proud of my new girls we built them a coop at our new place and they've been it since sunday evening and guess what came home today and they had all put themselves to bed in their new coop yay!!!!!

Just be patient the shorter days stress and possibly molt time could be contributing to the no eggs...I know you want them soooooo bad I DO but it will all pay off in the end.


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Jul 8, 2010
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From what I've been reading, it's moulting season, the weather is changing, as is daylight and the big move. They'll eventually come around. Good Luck

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