chickens haven't layed since august

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    Dec 23, 2010
    I am new to chickens. We have 20 silver laced wyandottes who were egg laying machines all spring and summer. However, they lost a few feathers in september, which I presumed was a molt. However, I have not seen an egg since august. They all appear healthy and act "normal." I am new at this and from all I read it seems that it is too long for a molt. I am in OHio and we have cold winters but local people have told me they are still getting eggs. Any advice and wisdom is appreciated.
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    They should be kicking back in soon. How do their combs look? Do they still look pale and dry, or do they look back to normal red color? I have 1 girl that just started back up, and another is being mated by the roo, so she'll start back up soon. Some of mine have pale combs still so they won't be starting again soon.

    Give them extra protein to help them along. Mine have been enjoying ham bones.

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