Chickens head and back was eaten by predator.

The only thing we can do is guess. The only way to know for sure what is lurking is to put up a game camera if you have one. Most likely the predator will back since it has killed and then you can form a plan of action once you know what the predator is. Good luck...
What are the predator options near you? What could it be? Weasels, Raccoons, Hawks, Dogs, Cats, Possum, Skunk, basically anything may do this. Can you give us more info? What is your setup? How did the predator get in, and make the kill. What was the size of the space it got in? What time? Any additional info would be helpful! Thank you! Sorry for your loss. :hugs
I think a racoon, they will rip their heads of fencing, often reaching through at ground level to grab a chicken and pull its head off, leaving its body on the other side of the fence.

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