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    Chickens (most birds) aren't `sensitive' to ultrasound at low energy levels. They are somewhat sensitive to infrasound (low frequency). That said, any fixed, passive, defense `beacons' (human urine/hair, lights, sound generators, etc.) will, eventually, end up being an invite to dinner (learned association - noxious stimulus `means' tasty chicken) to local preds making regular rounds (might run off those just passing through).

    Our turks still complain about the B2 bombers flying training patterns out of Whiteman. They'll whine/gobble/bark in the middle of the night and I'll hear nothing (infrasound), until the crew starts dumping fuel into the engines (`lights up' the audio spectrum like a gas line explosion).

    A neighbor supposedly had good luck with the ultrasonic repellers, for over a year, then the raccoons cleaned out their koi pond anyway.

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