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    I will be in Gatesville, TX June 3 - 5 for graduation and would like to see if I could find some young chicks or hatching eggs to bring back home with me. I am interested in;
    Light Sussex
    FBC Marans

    although there are other breeds I like in addition to that. Standards only thought! and needing pullets, only want one FBCM roo.

    If anyone has anything available in that time frame and in the Fort Hood, Killeen, Belton area, please let me know and I can hopefully swing by at some time. I want to try picking up my own eggs, instead of shipping and see if I can get any better results hatching. As long as they are package securely I should be able to keep them at a cool temp to get them home.

    Please reply to my post if you have something for me... thanks fellow chicken fanciers!! [​IMG]
  2. cmfarm

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    May 3, 2010
    Elgin, TX
    I live outside of Austin and have Black Copper Marans (chicks and eggs avialble) and also know someone who has Welsummer chicks (and maybe eggs) in the same town. I'm not sure if you will be traveling by Austin or not.
  3. mtngrl812

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    I'll have to check how far out of they way you are on a map. Maybe I can swing through there on my way back home [​IMG]

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