Chickens in costumes?

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    Feb 25, 2012
    Hey! I have 7 chickens and I want to dress them up in costumes! Maybe Cinderella and have the Roosters be Prince Charming! LOL! Any ideas? I have heard on how to make a chicken diaper and saw that they just sew the costume on to that. Anyway, I think it would be fun! Anyone with me? We could post the pictures! Thanks![​IMG]

    go to and type in chickenmom (no space in between)

    click on her channel and then find "Chicken Wear" at least watch until Cinderella! See what I mean by the Diapers? and the costumes? Cute!!!
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    I think I have seen that video - very cute. My chickens would not be amused, but I do get a kick out of seeing photos other chickens dressed up. BYC member, Chickenzoo has posted some great photos of her styling chickens

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