Chickens in Flower Beds


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May 8, 2008
Is there a way to teach chickens to stay out of the flower beds or some kind of a deterrent? I like my chickens to be able to roam but they have got to stay out of my flower beds, garden and carport!
I was thinking of an electric fence.


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Jun 14, 2008
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I'll beat all the other BYC smart alecks to this punchline:

"If you find a way, let us know!"

I'm going to fence off a portion of my yard so that the majority is a NCZ (No Chicken Zone). This will prevent them from eating all the veggies and from stealing food from outside diners.


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Jun 4, 2008
Hamilton, Il
I have the same problem. We have to face the fact that sometimes the chickens are smarter than us. Mine have a 30 by 60 area of their own, clipped wings, and still getting fence flyers. You would think with plenty of grass, constant food and fresh water they would stay put, but noooo, they are scratching up my flower beds, alongside the cats people keep dumping off. A fence would maybe work, but isnt very eye pleasing. Maybe those pinwheel things? The movement seems to startle other birds somewhat. Other ideas...

motion sensor water sprinklers

Some people claim sprinkling vinegar around the outer edges works, but it will kill the grass there. (i use it for weed on my walkway myself)

Others claim a layer of chicken wire laid down, then planting the plants works. They cant dig and for some reason dont like the feel of the wire under their feet.

Maybe one of these suggestions will help. Good luck and let us know what works (if anything)


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Jul 30, 2008
I am one of those smart alecks, let me know when you find a solution.

I do have two long flower beds that I don't want the chickens in even in the fall and winter because of the mulch I put down.

I bought the two inch chicken wire. It is very cheap and flimsy (sp).
It is two feet high. I put this up around these flower beds. I uses extra tomato poles cut to size to hold it up. The chickens don't go over it. The thing I like about it is you are almost up on it before you see it, so it kind of blends in.

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