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Nov 20, 2013
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My husband and I are having a disagreement about chickens - we just got our first chicks. He read a news article that says Salmonella is on the rise with the increase in backyard chickens and doesn't want chickens in the house ever. I do not have chickens in the house, except to treat pasty butt at the utility sink, wash the waters and feeders (also at utility sink) and, if a chick is sick, put in in a box with a heating pad until it either dies or recovers. I take what to me are reasonable precautions to wash my hands regularly when handling chicks or chick things and washing up the sink.

I know some people have chicks in their bedrooms and even chickens in the house, but what I would like to find are sites that explain risks of chicken diseases spread to people. My husband said that in a quick google search, all 4 sites he found say to NEVER bring chickens into the house. I told him that when we buy and cut up chicken in the kitchen, we have salmonella, but he is now keyed into the risks of chickens, and I agreed to do more research on the risks. Any sources of info (not just personal experience) or explanations of risks would be welcome. I know it is going to come down to our usual differences in tolerance of risk, but having solid info on diseases and their transmission would be helpful. I fear it is like canning - the USDA and Coop Extension now have such strict safety routines for canning, it is a wonder that anyone lived through the days of my grandmothers canning.


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Feb 7, 2014
400 deaths a year on average from Salmonella. That is nothing! 36,000 deaths a year from the flu.

Salmonella should not be a major concern for healthy adults. If chickens are in the house well....don't touch chicken poo and then put your hands in your mouth without washing them if one is that worried about salmonella!

If your hubby is freaking out over the risk there are other issues at play and those issues need to be addressed.

Healthy adults with a decent immune system have no problem with small doses of things like salmonella, perhaps your hubby should research Hep A transmission and prevalence in the U.S.! Instead of worrying about a needy chicken spending a few days in the house he will obsess over restaurants and never eat out again!
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