Chickens in love!


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Before I explain my chicken in love, here is some back story:
So we got our chickens last Sunday and one of them, Elvis was an accident. We were supposed to have a Silver Laced Cochin, not a blue, but those weren't old enough to leave the warmth of an incubator untill the next day. My mom decided it was better to get them all now and get a Blue instead since we were already near-by to the breeder and that didin't happen often.
Now flash forward forty-five minutes to an hour. We're in the city on our way to the house when the chickens(in a box on my lap) are chirping hoarsly. We stop to get them some water(which is a funny tale for another time) and we park to let them drink and admire them.
My sister said "Look it looks like a muffin top!" she was pointing at my sleeping, then nameles, chick to be named Muffin. I swore not to name another, at least until my youngest sisters got a chance to each name one(they weren't with us). That was when mom says, "Ohmygosh!! Blue Cochin! You know what we have to name him right?" My thoughts were a mix of, "NOTHING YET! and Oh my gosh UI'll have a blue blue Christmas without you... Elvis!" Needless to say the name Elvis stuck, despite not knowing his/her gender.
So anyway we're taking pics of my little drinking chicks when Maya(sister) asks to hold one, I deny her the opportunity saying I don't want her to being that she is in the back of the car and I am in the front. So my mom asks to... Here comes the chicken in love part.

My mom is holding Elvis and he is admiring her and being all content while the others are all avoiding us uncertainly. I said "It's like love at first sight for him!" Or something like that, sure enough nearly a week later no other chicken really is at ease with her and no ther human(save me) can even come close to taming Elvis. He looks at her all lovingly and chirps as loudly as possible when she leaves or hands him to someone else. And when I brought him outside once, mom dropped everything to hold the little chick squirming his way over to her.

So my question is, any of your chickens ever clearly loved or admired someone in your family more than the rest? Or is Elvis the only chicken out there crazy enough to be like this?
Could it be that Elvis thinks that your mom is HIS mom? I at one time had chicks who acted as if I were their mom. They would come at a certain nose I made, and when we were outside and they were cold, they would cuddle up with me then got out again. They would follow me around the yard, even as they got bigger. Now that I have a broody hen, I noticed that the way her babies act with her was the way my chicks acted with me.

That's my guess
Oh probably. I just like to humor myself in the fantasy of a chicken in love lol. But you are most likely right. Muffin is similar with me and Chocolate face with Sage, just not to the degree of my mom-Elvis relationship. And it's not just Elvis, mom was excited for me about getting chickens but now she says "Ya know, I knew they'd be cute and all... but they REALLY grow on you after awhile!" my response was "If by awhile you mean instantly, and by they you mean Elvis." The answer was all in her face, she deffinately has taken to Elvis.

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