Chickens in Ohio


12 Years
Jan 16, 2011
Northeast Ohio
Hi, I have a small backyard flock in Northeast Ohio. I am interested in obtaining some more chickens and I would love to buy locally but I can not seem to find any other flock owners around me:( I got my first batch of eggs from Meyers Hatchery and while I am satisfied with them, I would really prefer to support small farms in my area and it would be nice to know where my chickens came from as well.

Anybody know of anyone in Ohio that I could contact? I am willing to travel, so as long as they are within an hour and a half I would be interested.

Yes, I have been unsuccessful:( I live in less rural area of Ohio so it is difficult to find anything farm related. I will still search though! Thank you for the suggestion:)
Thanks for the replies, good suggestions that I will look into! I am looking for egg layers of any color except brown. I already have a few Orpingtons and Welsummers, so I am browned out:) Mostly though, an all around nice breed or mixed breeds of chickens.
I will be having Olive Eggers eggs before spring. All my EE's are POL and my Marans roo. They should lay nice Olive colored eggs.
If you wait another couple of months they will be all over craigslist. I purchased some beautiful Polish chicks from a lady in Diamond last spring that I found on craigslist. Sadly they were lost sue to coyotes. Good Luck
Oh man! I have been fortunate with predators, I have only lost one chicken thankfully. I would be devastated! Thank you, I will keep checking craigslist, which craigslist do they usually pop up on? I have been checking Cleveland, Sandusky, Akron, and Mansfield frequently but I see a lot of double posts so I dont know who usually gets the majority of activity. What about Tuscurawus and Youngstown, too?

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