Chickens in other people's yards

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    The city in which I live allows "backyard" chickens. One of my favorite places to go take my lunch break was on a cul-de-sac where chickens were freely ranging from yard to yard. Once I saw a hen with 13 chicks walking in the street and I pulled up next to her to warn her to move her troop out of the street (yes, I talk to chickens, even those that aren't mine).

    I hadn't been there in a month or maybe two, as I've been busy with house purchase stuff of late and my lunch hours have been packed with too much to do..... Yesterday, there were NO chickens on that street, nor were there any I could see in any of the yards where they used to roam. Bummer.

    There was a CL ad for the bottom half of a turtle sandbox, which I really "need," and I made arrangements to pick it up after work. The location was on a rather upscale street surrounded by several streets with homes of lesser value and much smaller yards. I had nearly an hour to wait for the appointment, so I parked in the shade on an adjacent street. (So I wouldn't be perceived as a stranger just sitting in a car on that one, kinda I Don't Belong Here street.)

    As I listened to my car radio, I suddenly heard something and turned off the radio. That sure sounded like.... a not quite mature rooster crow.

    Yup. I had parked opposite a house with a rooster in the front yard. A really nice looking rooster, too; he eventually moved out from within some "natural plantings" and stood proudly looking through the short, chain link fence. He crowed twice more while I waited there. I think how lucky it was that I happened to park right where there was a rooster in close proximity. It wasn't at all hard to wait for my CL appointment, watching him in that yard and waiting for another crow.

    I just love discovering chickens in different places.
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    Well, doesn't that sound nice! I used to really enjoy watching my neighbors' chickens, he free-ranged them and I don't. They'd come over to my yard, scratch around, spend the day here, then go home only to roost. Not sure why they liked my yard so much, but I'm guessing because it's natural and I don't mow it much! [​IMG] Unfortunately, he lost almost all of his chickens to predators (which is why I don't free range mine!), except the last surviving one which I begged him to let me adopt. Now she lives in my nice big run with my others.

    I love watching chickens too. When I was vacationing in Key West a few years back, I was surprised to see "stray roosters" roaming the streets! They'd walk along the sidewalk with the tourists, hang out at street-side cafes and bars, it was the funniest thing. They were beautiful roosters though, and very friendly. They would even roam the beach looking for treats, which was a strange sight indeed.

    There's a house on the road to town that has chickens and sells fresh eggs. I always find myself slowing down when I pass, and stretching my neck to get a peek at their chickens. I remember passing in the evenings when they were chicks and out in the chicken tractors at night with a lamp on. I don't know why it was such a thrill, I DO have my own chickens, LOL, there's just something fun about seeing them.


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