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Chickens in Southwest Michigan UPDATED PRICES--SOLD

Discussion in 'Chickens 8 Weeks & Older' started by tdhenson86, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. tdhenson86

    tdhenson86 Poultry People

    I am downsizing my flock to figure out my breeding pens for the year. Please make an offer. They must go. I am NPIP and can ship anywhere except states that require AI testing as long as you provide the box and pay shipping.

    I have three Crele Orpington hens. These chickens are from 100% English blood and cone from Fancy Chick lines. They are round and fluffy. The Crele (sometimes spelled creole) color is created when a partridge bird is also barred. These hens also have the lemon gene. These hens were hatched in February of 2013. I'm asking $100 OBO for all three. Please note that one hen has deformed toes from an injury when she was a chick. However, it does not impair her at all.

    I also have an adult breeding trio of large fowl black Cochins from show quality lines. They are about one year old and are proven breeders. Asking $80 OBO for all three.

    A breeding trio of Cream Legbars. The cream Legbar is an autosexing chicken. You can tell male and female apart immediately at hatch. They are unique in that they also lay a sky blue egg. This rooster's comb was frost bitten this winter, but he is a great breeder. I'm asking $120 OBO for all three.

    I may also be interested in selling my small flock of Norwegian Jaerhons. They are one of my favorite breeds, but I do need to cut back. Feel free to message me for details.

    For more information about me or our farm, feel free to visit www.hensonacres.com. Feel free to email, call or text me at 269-207-9746 with any questions.
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  2. tdhenson86

    tdhenson86 Poultry People


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