Chickens in the fall! PICTURE PROJECT!! Post fall pictures of your chickens!!!


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Hi!! This is a picture project called Chickens in the fall.This is just a thread where you post pictures of your chickens in the fall!! Fall= perfect lighting, colorful leaves, and crisp cool mornings! Pick your best pictures (or your worst ones, doesn't matter...) and post away!! NOTE-- No prize, no winners, just a fun thread! :) Go ahead and post!!

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Oh goodness that chicken is so pretty! Is that Hazel? I don't have any yet - I can't wait until the leaves turn colors!!!!!!
They are both beautiful! (You can tell them I said that. ;) AH now I gotta go take tons and tons of pictures of my chickies. :D
...our HaPpY Autumn chicken garden!

The fall coop - complete! Yep! It's Texas!!
Bantam beauty peering from the herb patch!

Chicken garden art!!!

One of my 'magnificent molters' - Miss Mordekaiser (middle right)
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Thanks! We purchased an 8 x 12 shed kit and converted it into a chicken coop. -works well for 7 standard/3 bantam hens.
p.s. You have a lovely chicken!! -nice coloring!

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