Chickens in the Leaf Pile!

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    Well, I spent an hour today raking up all the leaves in the yard into one huge leaf pile. I was about to mow over it when I thought, "you know, I just spent an hour making this, why don't I have some fun?" So that's exactly what I did. Or I guess.... what my chickens did. Enjoy my chickens in a leaf pile!

    Le grande leaf pile

    Checkers flies into the pile


    As soon as my brother let go of her, Ebony freaks out and tries to fly out of the leaves

    Leaf shower!

    Run, Ebony! Run!

    Comet is not so thrilled....


    Pumpkin tries out her camouflage

    Do you see her?

    There she is!

    She is no longer submerged!


    Winter is not pleased


    Speckles doesn't know what to think.

    I hope you enjoyed! Happy Fall! [​IMG]
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    It was fun to click on the photos to see them larger. They can really get lost in that pile, especially Miss Pumpkin.
  3. ken-t

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    Jan 6, 2013
    I love it! What do you normally do with the leafs after. Run them through your mower then throw them in your run for a few days to a week. the chickens will pick out ant bugs that maybe in them. Then compost them.
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    That was great!

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