Chickens in the Rochester Ny Area (Le Roy, Macedon, Victor, Manchester

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by chickengirl01, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Nov 19, 2010
    So I'm currently living in Phoenix az and I have 3 hens that are 7 months and just got 3 babies and plan on getting one more laying hen to add to my group. That would put me at a total of 7 hens.

    Here in phoenix, you're allowed to have a total of 25 rodent/poultry combo.

    I'm moving to New York in 1-2 months and my "cluck clucks" are coming with me. I am going to be renting a house in Le Roy ny for a few months until we purchase a house. The house we're looking to purchase is in Manchester. We're hoping it will still be there when we have the down payment ready. If not we will be looking in the above areas.

    Now in the mean time, I had planned on keeping the chickens in the basement in a penned area (which is heated) and just put down bedding and nest boxes so they can stay warm.

    Does anyone know the laws regarding chickens in the different areas of Rochester. I'm so not used to strict laws. I have 4 dogs and that already rules out several areas in Rochester that I can buy a house because of a 2 dog limit. I'm not interested in getting rid of my dogs... or my chickens :)

    Also, my chickens are really quiet :) I hardly know they are there.

    No roosters.


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    Macedon, NY
    Feel free to PM me. It will as you know vary by town. There was an article done in the Democrat and Chronicle (area paper) that had a discussion on it. It was about 1-2 years ago though. Try searching their website.

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