"Chickens know how to show love"

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    It's been very very cold here lately. Renee, our friend out in the country with 60+ hens and a half dozen roosters sent this story to us (repeated with Renee's permission):

    "Last evening I came in from errands and delivering groceries to my mother. I hastily told mom I had to get back. I had been out way too long and my girls needed checking on. I had performed an egg-ectomy yesterday morning and the hen was doing well but I had her in observation and needed to make sure she was ok. She was fine but when I went to count the girls I was short 2 girls! I counted and recounted and was about to go to the next house and decided to shut the walk door and there, beneath the walk next to the house, were the 2 girls.

    Now this is the love part. One Cherry-Egger was too weak to get in and it was 13 degrees the other Cherry-Egger had stayed with her to keep her warm and was chirping so I would hear her. Now if that doesn't make you feel love what would?

    I picked them both up close to my body for heat, fearing hypothermia and carried them in the basement beside the wood stove, gave them vitamin and electrolyte soaked warm bread, oregano extract in their warm water and terramycin syringed into their beaks, making sure their bread went down into their crop. I would not have bet you 2 cents the one would make it. I put a warming light on so they could see to eat during the night. The stove was warm. I repeated their food intake again and checked on them during the night.

    This morning they are talking to me my goodness what a breath of fresh air they are."

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