Chickens Laying


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
My laying hen slept in the nest last night and i thought she was broody. But in the morning she was out and about, deffinately not broody. Why do you think she slept in the nest when she would normally just roost.
Today, my pullet was sitting and examining the nest but when she left there was no egg. Dont pullets do that soon before they start laying?
I'm pretty sure both my pullets have been checking out the nest for a little while. they have both been squatting for about two weeks, and they pretty much have all the signs for a pullet soon to lay. How long after they start squatting do they usually start to lay?
Sometimes they just sleep in the nest for no reason we know. They can start to squat two or so weeks before they start to lay, sometimes they just start to lay.

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