Chickens losing weight, unbalanced, and dying off.

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    Apr 25, 2017
    I have a mixed flock of chickens, ducks, and geese. Last fall one of the chickens started to lose weight. Within 5 days she was found dead. About a month or so later another one started to lose weight. She was eating and drinking like normal, went out to the pasture to eat and is free fed when they come in for the night. She would progressively become weaker/lethargic, and would become very unbalanced in her walking and sitting. Right before she died she would be laying on her side and unable to right herself. Since then two more have died over the past 4 months and one of those was my rooster.

    They have all been dewormed, but none have been vaccinated for anything, looking to try and get vaccines but the local vets don't carry anything for them. No new birds have been introduced in the past year, and none of the feed has been changed lately either.

    On a side note, our farm has cattle and swine as well. Recently we had an issue with some of our younger calves (recently weaned) dying, had the vet out to necropsy and send off samples. Everything came back negative. Their symptoms were almost the same, lose weight, unbalanced, and weak. Then some older, almost ready to butcher, steers that did the same thing. Again nothing was found in the necropsy or the samples sent off. A few younger pigs have died and showed the same symptoms as well.

    The only disease we have a history for is mycoplasma on the farm and we vaccinate the cattle and pigs for this. Could this be causing issues with the chickens as well? I feel like all the deaths must be connected but nobody is able to find anything wrong with the animals at necropsy other than the obvious weight loss prior to death. Any help/thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
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    Wow, I'm really sorry you are having so much trouble.
    My immediate thought was that there is a toxin, maybe in your soil, that is not commonly tested for. That would explain the multiple species being affected and nothing being found in all the necropsies.
    Maybe see if you can get a soil sample analyzed for other things beyond the common toxins, and if you have another necropsy ask for the same thing.
    Might cost more, but might answer the question. Only other thing I can think of is a plant. Is something growing on your property that was not there before? That all of them can get to and eat.
    I hope you can figure it out.

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