Chickens losing weight

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    Dec 15, 2008
    A couple of weeks ago my 7-yr old hen died of unknown causes. However over the past couple of months she had lost a lot of weight. I tried worming here and feeding her by herself to make sure she got plenty to eat, but she wouldn't gain weight. Some of the day she would sit around and pull her head/neck in, and sort of fluffy herself up, like she was cold. (and it was cold some of those days, but the other chickens didnt do that) She also slept on the coop floor next to a rooster. The rooster is acting the same way and has lost some weight too. Ideas??

    Also I have one hen who is off to herself, not really eating, and has a dirty butt. Her weight seems ok. She doesn't seem to have an appetite. What should I do for her?
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    May 7, 2008
    It may be that your hen died of old age. Are the other chickens that old?

    The hen with the dirty butt- have you checked her for lice and mites? Have they ever been wormed? What does her poop look like? Have you changed their diet lately?

    You may want to try vitamins in their water. I use Poly-Vi-Sol liquid baby vitamins, and put a few drops in the water every day. Some people use Avia-Charge 2000.

    Good luck with your birds.
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    Worms or cocci could be the cause. chickens need to be re-wormed about a month after being treated for round worms, since it's a month-long reproduction cycle for these worms.

    Also, check that you treated for the right kind of worms.

    I've got a really, really sick hen right now. We found out she had worms on Sunday, and she went downhill so fast. She's in the kitchen in a box right now - chicken ICU. [​IMG]
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    Did you worm everybody? That's the first thing I think of off the top of my head. So sorry for your troubles. I would also get that other hen (and rooster?) inside and warm (heating pad on low under 1/2 her space) while you figure things out. They don't usually have much time when they start showing symptoms. Hopefully someone else can help more. Good luck.

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