Chickens mauled, wounded, not eating, so worried!!

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  1. Miss Chuckles

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    Jun 2, 2010
    2 chucks were attacked on saturday afternoon, mid-day, possibly by a cat or a mink? One is seriously wounded on her back with torn skin and some exposed muscle, on about the size of a half dollar and two others about the size of a quarter. I've cleaned and packed the wounds which smell awful but have no redness, swelling, heat or oozing and today the vet gave me injectable antibiotics which I have given her (horrible horrible!). She's eating like crazy and drinking water. I actually think she might make it if she keeps doing as she is now. The other one did not get mauled or opened up although there are a few puncture wounds in her neck. I'm actually more concerned about her because she is falling over and can hardly walk. The vet said she could have injured her muscles fighting off the attack and if her neck muscles are hurt she wouldn't be able to bend over. She's not eating or drinking and she's making odd purring noises? What can I do for her? I've tried giving her water/electrolytes and a little tylenol with an eyedropper and she licks some of it up but not much - how much should she be getting? How long can she go without food? And finally, should I go ahead and give her the antibiotics (IM) too, even though her wounds have scabbed over and are mild?
    Thank you!
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    Back tore up sounds like a dog. Cat & mink will concentrate on the neck area. Good Luck!
  3. mmaddie's mom

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    Yes to antibiotics... scabbed over wounds will abcess.

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