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    Feb 5, 2017
    Boy has my weekend been ever eventful. We finally got the birds new pen and coop up! I was so excited for them and me, as they finally get to move out of the house and into their new digs. So out went 5 four month old babies. I was also full of anxiety cause I had gotten used to having them about and in safety. Ya, the new pen was safe but you know how a momma worries. Turns out it wasn't as safe as i thought. Dogs got after my babies. Now I say babies but understand these guys are as big as a full grown chicken. They are Brahma and RiR cross's. So here I stand outside getting ready to go to dinner and 5 dogs run into the hard on all sides of my pen trying to get my babies! There wasn't enough of me to beat them off. One of my Roo's got nearly pulled through the fence by his feathers! My hound jumped his fence and came out trying to run the interlopers off, so I had a dog fight on my hands as well. My husband heard me a yelling and came out the door with his paint ball gun and there are now multi colored dogs running around the neighborhood somewhere. With my hound put up. My chicks are safe and ok! I locked them in the coop for the rest of that evening while we grabbed food and came home with chicken wire. See I had bought a Huge kennel, roofed it, and built a coop inside. It never once crossed my mind that a dog could get his snout through it. Nor did I think my birds would run for the sides of the pen. Lesson Learned. As soon as we got in, I was outside re-fencing a pen. So now it has chicken wire around the standard kennel fencing! I also unlocked the coop so they could be up and about in the morning. Well they didn't. Get up and about that is. So about 11am I went out and got them out of the coop so they could eat, drink, and chicken. I had one limping bird, though I couldn't blame him being pulled by my feathers against a fence I'd be limping too. There were no wounds or blood. Everyone was fine. I fed them a couple of apples for treats and sat with them awhile. By that evening my limper was walking fine. Everyone was back to normal. The dogs haven't been back at all, which is awesome. Went back out with some more apple about noon today and re checked everyone. Seems like the attack is forgotten and they are back to doing their thing. Now the only issue I have is them learning to put themselves up at night. They know how to come out of the coop in the mornings.. but are so clueless to going into the coop at night. I'm going to put about 3 older hens in with them soon and I'm hoping they will teach them how to properly chicken!
    Well that's my weekend story. Was a heck of one. Well in my shoes it was at least. Oh, and for the few that may wonder; my hound is ok. No wounds or injuries. Now I just have to figure out his technique for getting out and fix that.
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    :welcome :wave

    Glad your here! That sounds like a very eventful weekend!;)

    When our neighbors dogs come around (we live in the country) I take out the bob gun and shoot them. :D I usually miss cause they are really shy. It just stings them a little but it does the job!:gig
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    Glad your birds are ok [​IMG]

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