Chickens noisiest amongst poultry


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Dec 10, 2020
I have ranked poultry by noise level according to information I could find. Do you agree? Feel free to post your own rankings.

1. Chickens (Rooster crows are really loud)

2. Geese Eastern Eurasia derived (Africans are loud and super Africans even more so)

3. Guineafowl

4. Turkeys

5. Ring necked pheasant (Males can make some irritating sounds apparently)

6. Geese west Eurasian derived (can be noisy but a lot of breeds aren’t too bad it sounds like)

7. Ducks mallard derived

8. Partridges (haven’t found much on noise, guessing they are not too bad)

9. Muscovy duck

10. Quail (apparently a lot of them are not noisy)
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Nov 13, 2020
Upstate New York
I only have chickens, so I can’t attest to much else, but when my marans lay they are super loud. They want everyone and their mother to know that an egg is about to come out.

My bantam cockerel isn’t that loud. Compared to my EE anyway. My bantam kinda has this squeaky voice that gets lost in the noise of the other birds. Where as my EEs crow you can hear from across the street.

I think my sister, who has owned all kinds of fowl, has said guineas are loud but I think geese can be pretty loud too.

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
My chickens certainly like to belt out those egg songs, and my Iowa Blue rooster seems to love the sound of his own voice.

My runner ducks are constant chatterboxes. They live within about 15 feet of my living room window, and they sometimes can be heard over the sound of the TV because they all want to talk at once.

The American Buff geese can make some noise, but they don't seem to engage in as much conversation as the other fowl.


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Mar 9, 2014
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Are you looking at volume or frequency?

I will say my 7 welsh harlequin ducks (6 if we count just the louder females) are not only FAR louder than my 19 hens they yell quack way more often than my chickens sing.

While I no longer have roosters I would say the ducks are also louder than the roosters I had.

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
I've only had chickens, so I can't give much of a report. My cockerel crows, but not too much, and it doesn't seem overly loud to me. My three pullets are VERY quiet. Soft like coo-who noises, no egg song, only an occasional "squawk!"

If other fowl are quieter, I wouldn't know they were there.

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