Chickens noobs


8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Tri-Cities Tennessee
I thought I would start a threat for first time chicken owners. Why did you decide you want chickens, problems you ran into, what breeds did you decide on and why, did you build or buy a coop, tips and info and of course pictures of your new featherbutts

I have had ducks before, but this is my first flock of chickens and I am sure my co-workers are getting tired of hearing me tell them about what Rupert and Beaker did today and seeing pictures of them from every angle. I am just a proud mom and here on BYC there are other proud parents that probably feel the same lol


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8 Years
Jan 13, 2012
Hatteras Island
We are in our planning stage now. Wanted to introduce our 2 1/2 yo son to more animals with a bonus of eggs. Planning to free cycle a coop if possible. We want biddies around easter, so I gave myself 4 weeks to "freecycle" some materials, then we will buy what's needed and build from there.

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