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    I brought my pullets home 3 weeks ago, they were about 9 weeks old. I was filling their feeder twice a day and it was almost empty. I do know that some of it was being tossed out by them. But this past week is has been snowing and they having been out of the coop until today. During this last week they were only eating about half and only drinking about half of what they were before. They are 12 weeks now and have grown a lot. Are they just slowing growth or is it from the cold or should I worry. They still eat and they still get excited when I feed them its just not as much. I have not been supplementing with any scraps or treats. Should I worry? They seem fine.
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    First off [​IMG]

    During the winter time most hens including chicks and yours are chicks not quite juveniles yet slow down on food intake. If you live in an area that has a colder climate even more. The rain or snow will keep them hiding under stuff and keep them in the coop without making much to do about anything. No activity = less food requirements and un-like people that snack out of boredom animals do not have that temptation to go to a cupboard or refer and snack. If you want to encourage them to eat try favorites like spaghetti or rice with flack seed mix in or melon rind, and they will eat. Good luck
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    I also live in Washington State! This last weather system that moved through was a rough one. My girls have slowed down on their eating also. They just don't seem as enthusiastic about it, but when I come out they want to know what I might have with me. They look fine and fat and healthy. It must be the weather. [​IMG]

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