Chickens not eating pellets anymore?


5 Years
Mar 22, 2018
I only have 2 backyard chickens. For the first month I kept them in their run and I filled up their small feed bowl with pellets everyday. They finished it all everyday.

Now I am letting them roam my whole yard (maybe 1,000 sq ft) of tall thick grass. Since I’ve let them roam my yard (2+ weeks now), they haven’t touched their pellet food.

They still look/act healthy to me. They still each lay a delicious egg almost everyday. I see them roaming and eating fat earth worms constantly.

Should I be worried about their diet? And healthy eggs?
Free rangers will find a lot of their food foraging. That's probably all that's happening, not to worry. (however do check your feed and make sure it is still good, not out of date, moldy etc.)

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