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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by storms02, May 22, 2016.

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    We have seven chickens, two of which are one month older than the others. The two oldest were introduced to our coop approximately two weeks earlier than the rest of the flock (which includes five chickens and three ducks). As the others were all raised together, they get along fine. The two older birds constantly pick on the smaller chickens, but not the ducks (as the ducks are quite a bit bigger). We've tried segregating the flock, locking the older birds out of the coop, rearranging the perches in the coop, etc. but all to no avail. Recently the older birds have started chasing the younger birds away from the food and water. Is there anyway to help them to get along better? We're not wanting to get rid of the older birds, but we don't want this incessant bullying. Any ideas are appreciated!
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    How old are your birds? Depending on their ages, a month can be a big difference and you may have to wait to introduce them. But if they're just being annoying and causing no damage, you might want to make sure you have two feeding and watering stations so the younger birds are getting enough to eat and drink.
    You can also try segregating one of the older birds for a few days. His friend may not be so quick to start problems if he is the only one with the others. Then after a few days you can add the other back and see what happens.
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    That's completely normal, the older birds have the territory and they are trying to drive out the intruders. You will need to separate the group's so they can see each other but not get physical. It probably would be easier to pen the older ones. I would do it at night and whenever they become rough. Expect it to take some time for all to get along, you can't rush it. I would let them mingle during the day under supervision, letting them work things out unless it becomes obsessive. A few pecks are fine, chasing and cornering would get them removed for the day.
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    My oldest birds will be 4 months old next week and the younger ones are 3 months next week. The younger birds will not use the coop. They just curl up in one big ball in the duck house.

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