Chickens not laying

Serena Morgan

In the Brooder
Jul 24, 2021
Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
Hey there, I have three chickens 2 of chickens hick are 27weeks and 1 which is 20 months. my 20 month is amazing and lays almost everyday even through the snow. However my 2 new ones are proving to be awful egg layers! 1 of them started laying at 22 weeks 2 weeks after I got them but stopped at around 25 weeks and the other one has never started laying! I did move their coop at around 25 weeks but I don’t think it should’ve made such an impact that they stop laying altogether, I don’t k ow what to do as I’m relying on 1 egg everyday, is there something I can give them? Dk I use a dummy egg?

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