Chickens not on Valbazen label?

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    My dog tested positive for Heterakis Gallinarum. The vet said my dog is not affected by them, because they are a chicken parasite. My dog has been known to snack on chicken poo. I'm sure this is how he got it. I'm assuming my chickens are infected. Researching this on BYC, I've found people treat their chickens with Valbazen. After researching Valbazen, I could not find a label for chickens. It is labeled for cows and goats, but I see no label for chickens. I know many have used it with success. Without a chicken label, I'm hesitant to use it. What do you think I should do? Or do my chickens even need to be treated?

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    Valbazen is not labeled for poultry. However people use it on their chickens sure of legalities if you sell meat or eggs. Also remember that there is NO dewormer approved for egglaying hens (Wazine is for poultry but not egglaying hens). Therefore if you give it to your hens you have to toss eggs for awhile.

    Basically the only option is to let the hens die from worms unless you go off-label with egglaying hens. (Some worms may kill them.)
    see post #4
    info on caecal worms
    please read this one especially!
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    Thanks to all for the information

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