Chickens not on Valbazen label?

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    My dog tested positive for Heterakis Gallinarum. The vet said my dog is not affected by them, because they are a chicken parasite. My dog has been known to snack on chicken poo. I'm sure this is how he got it. I'm assuming my chickens are infected. Researching this on BYC, I've found people treat their chickens with Valbazen. After researching Valbazen, I could not find a label for chickens. It is labeled for cows and goats, but I see no label for chickens. I know many have used it with success. Without a chicken label, I'm hesitant to use it. What do you think I should do? Or do my chickens even need to be treated?
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    Your vet is correct. Get some fresh chicken poop and put it a ziplock bag. Then take it to your vet and have them look at it under a microscope. They'll tell you if your chickens have worms or not. The fecal test shouldnt cost much. If the test is positive for cecal worms, or other worms for that matter, valbazen or safeguard liquid goat wormer will kill them.
    Info about the cecal worm in this link:
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