Chickens of all ages for sale Amarillo Tx

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  1. amyquilt

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    May 17, 2008
    Amarillo, TX
    We must re-home all of our chickens.

    **Blue/Gray Bantam Frizzle Cochins. One male, one hen (she has already started laying). The hen is frizzle the male is smooth. They were hatched on 12/28 and must be sold together. $12.00 for the pair. They have been held since they were hatched and are very friendly.

    **White Crested Black Polish. We're pretty sure it's a hen, and is likely a bantam because she's still pretty small. She is about 2 months old and VERY friendly. She loves to be held. $5.00

    **Serama Bantam pair. They were hatched 2/20 and hand raised since they hatched. They are such loving little birds. Very tiny. $15.00 for the pair. Will sell together only.

    **Sicilian Buttercup Rooster. He hatched on 2/21 and is beautiful. $5.00

    **FOUR Sicilian Buttercup pullets. They are 2.5 weeks old. $4.00 each.

    **White Faced Spanish (large fowl): 5 pullets and 1 male. They are 2.5 weeks old. $4.00 each.

    **FIVE Golden Comet Pullets. They are 1.5 weeks old. $4.00 each

    **Barred Holland: 10 pullets and 2 males. 1.5 weeks old. $4.00 each.

    The Buttercups, White Faced Spanish and Barred Holland are all critically endangered breeds.

    We will miss our birds greatly, but due to family circumstances, we feel we must re-home them, unfortunately.

    Please email me at crazyforthecountry(at) for information or questions.
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    Oct 10, 2007
    I am so sorry you have to get rid of all your birds!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There are several of your birds I would be interested in, but sadly, I live 6 hours away from you [​IMG]
  3. Amy, please check your e-mail, several people are looking for you.

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