Chickens on Duramycin 10...

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    After their 14 day spree on this long before it's safe to eat/incubate eggs again?

    I used this to clear up some sneezing caused by ventilation issues, I put a fan in there and along with the meds, it's helping. Someone else also told me they use herbs to treat things like this? Information on this topic would be appreciated.
  2. JAK Rabbitry

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    Nobody knows?
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    Duramycin 10
    Durvet recommends:

    1. Duramycin can be given to chicks at anytime before 16 weeks (this is what it is made for.)

    2. For hens already laying (16 week or older) : Do not use eggs for 21 days after treatment ends.

    Link for Durvet Contacts:

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