Chicken's One Eye Shut -- CRISIS AVERTED!!!

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    Hi. I've never posted anything before so we'll see if this works.. Anyway, just wanted to share my recent experience with one of my hens. 4 days ago I noticed her right eye was shut. After some research on the matter, this morning I was very close to starting all the hens on medicated feed, but something just didn't seem right about that course of action. There was no mucous, no swelling, no decreased egg production in the coop, and no other chickens exhibited any symptoms. It just didn't seem like this was a respiratory illness or other contagious disease; it seemed like the hen simply got something in her eye. Also, the eyelid on her shut eye turned brown! I fortunately found an avian certified vet here in Chicago. They were amazing! Very thorough (and for me informative) examination and "eye stain" procedure, which would have confirmed a scratch or tear on the eye. No scratch or tear, so the vet concluded that it was in fact some kind of eye trauma (got pecked? ran into something? tiny piece of food lodged in there?), which possibly in conjunction with the very cold weather and constant scratching of the eye by the hen, became infected. She prescribed and administered an antibiotic/steroid eye ointment, and I took the chicken home. By nighttime when I went to give her a second dose, the eye had already improved- it was partially open! Indeed I was very happy. I imagine with a very more days of applying the ointment, her eye will be all back to normal.

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