Chickens picking on new chickens

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    Oct 4, 2013
    We have 3 black star hens, approx 10months- a year old. We have had them approximately 5 months and they came from the same breeder. This weekend we got two silkie hens, a year old, and put them in the coop. Our coop is 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and they have a large outdoor area as well. We noticed after 2 days one of our new silkies (the smaller one) was missing all the feathers on her head, had scabs, and was hiding under the other silkie. We saw one of our black stars trying to peck at her, so we divided the coop so the silkies are safe. We can't keep the coop this way permantely. Any suggestions of how to get them to be together, or are we going to have to pick? The silkies are considerably smaller then our black star. HELP!!

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    Get intouch with this lady.
    I think the answer may lay in the pinless peepers. I have never had any luck in keeping them from beating up a hen once it gets in their heads. She becomes the bottom hen and they all start pulling her feathers and drawing blood.
    I have heard great things about the peepers though. It may be something that they will get out of their heads after a bit and the peepers can be removed, but i do not know.

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