Chickens prefer staying in the coop??

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    3 weeks ago we took our cousin's two hens and a rooster. We originally gave them(2 hens) to him when they were close to a year old(they were acting like normal chickens at the time). At my cousin's place they were living in a shed with a window, but weren't outside for about 6 months.
    Now that we have them again, they don't seem to want to leave the coop. I leave the door open and the the hens just sit on the roost all day in the dark. ?? I thought for sure by now they would want to come out and enjoy the sun. Today I herded them out of the run and they stayed out for a minute or two and then went back in. Anyone have this happen?? It just seems so weird that they don't want to go peck around and enjoy the sun...
    Also the rooster can't seem to fly up to the roost, is this normal for frizzles?
    BTW, these are the only chickens we have right now.....they have the whole pen to themselves!
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    I wonder if the rooster can't seem to fly because he(and the others) have been inactive for months in that coop. If you don't use muscles, they atrophy. Next time you push them out, close the door so they have to be outside awhile. Have food and water outside, and toss them some scratch - so they seem outside = good things. They are so used to be in they are just scared of something new. Poor babies.

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