Chickens Roasting in too hot coop


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Apr 5, 2014
I am wondering how to keep our chicken coop cool during these coming hot days. Right now we have to open the windows to let in cool air. Should we put something through the roof to ventilate. Also the lady that is apparently in charge of the chickens wants to lock the coop and the nesting boxes so no one can get inside except her. The chickens are located at our community garden here in Colorado Springs , Colorado.

I had an incident a few days ago where the windows were closed and it was a hot day. The chickens were laying eggs at the tine as well. Could the chickens be harmed if the coop is too hot?

What can I do to solve these problems? Thanks-Jeff

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Apr 10, 2014
they can get overheated. id cut a window in there and cover it with chicken wire. thats what i do during the summer then cover it during winter

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What should be done is that proper ventilation should be provided and the welfare of the birds should be paramount. What you can do will depend entirely on how the community garden is run - you say she is the one "in charge" of the chickens - are they owned by the members of the community garden or is this a community garden where each "member" has a plot and what is on their plot is theirs? Is there an organizational chain-of-command or council who oversees it all?


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The windows should have 1/2 inch hardware cloth over them so they are predator-proof when open. They should be left open all day and night during the summer for ventilation.

Winter ventilation is important too...just don't want a breeze on the girls when they are roosting.

Chickens will die very easily if overheated.
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