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    For Sale:

    ☻ I have a Standard/Large Fowl Buff Orpington cockerel available. Hatched last spring. 4H/Show/Breeding quality - $15.00 obo. Bird has no DQ faults according to the APA standard. [I just have too many.]

    ☺ Standard/Large Fowl Black Cochin cockerel. Hatched early last spring. Beautiful feathering. Would make a nice breeding bird. $10.00 obo. [I am using a Red Brown, and I don't need the Black.]

    ☻ Bearded Rose Comb Black Bantam D'anver cross pair. 1 rooster & 1 hen. $10.00 obo for the pair. [These birds are |D'anver x Ameraucana| crosses].

    ☺ And lastly I have a White Wyandotte Bantam hen. $5.00 obo.

    Please contact for addl photos & info.

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