Chickens ruffle feathers in Carmel, Indiana

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    We hear so often about officials trying to get rid of chickens, I thought this was a good story where they listened to the owners...

    Tucked behind a brick, one-story ranch house off 146th Street in Carmel, three hens reside in a coop handmade by their owner.

    Carmel zoning officials allowed a family to keep three chickens in a coop behind their home, despite the opposition of some neighbors. - Jeri Reichanadter / The Star

    This week, the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals approved an exception to city rules to allow them to live on the half-acre lot, abutted to the east by Clay Terrace Mall and surrounded on other sides by residences.
    The decision has ruffled some feathers in the quiet neighborhood.

    A zoning ordinance requires 5 acres for farm animals to reside, and city code requires at least 3 acres. The exception is properties in an agricultural district, which this house is not.

    The chicken’s owners, Michael Pratt and his fiancé, Martina Bannon, applied to the city for a variance so they could keep the chickens in their backyard. They enjoy fresh eggs from the birds, which they say are pets and an educational tool for Bannon’s 11-year-old son.

    “It’s not a farm,” said Pratt, who also has 17 fruit trees and two bee hives in the yard. “We’re not selling anything. They’re pets.”

    Even so, some neighbors say they’re not pets that fit in a residential area.

    “I don’t think this is an area to keep birds,” said Bob Swift, who lives down the street from the chickens. “If they want a farm, they should get a farm.”

    The variance was approved at Monday’s meeting by board member Madeleine Torres. She said because it was a hearing officer item, only one member of the board is designated to vote upon it.

    “I did not see (the chickens) causing a nuisance to the community or having a negative impact on the properties around them,” Torres said. “I felt like the safety and welfare of the public wasn’t threatened.”

    Here's the link to the story, in case others want to read the comments:
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    Score one for the chickens! [​IMG]
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    I feel chickens, wait no, dogs and children do not belong in the city because they can make too much noise at all hours of the day, can cary disease, and are a health risk to our children. [​IMG]

    One for the chickens!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I was reading through the comments, and it looks like a lot of people support the boards decision. I was surprised!

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