Chickens shaking heads


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Apr 15, 2012
I have 8 week old silkies. They have been doing great. They were acting normal all day, but this evening I went to check on everyone as they went down to bed. They were eating and drinking, but one started to shake its head and back up quickly and ruffle feathers. I thought this was strange, so I watch some more and the longer I watched, the more I noticed others doing the same thing. This literally just started within the last hour. They would shake their head, then stand still with their beak open for a few seconds, then go back to acting normal. What the heck? I inspected them for external parasites to see if they were getting bit by something, I didn't see anything. What do I do? Besides seperate from the other birds, I already have.


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Apr 15, 2009
Silkies are prone to neurological problems. I can't tell you much beyond that because I never deal with silkies.

Anyway- here's a bump to get you back in the queue. You may want to edit your post title to indicate the problem is with silkies.

Good luck.

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